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Google Ads Adwords PPC Campaign (Google.Yahoo.Bing,Baidu,Yandex)

Product Price


Minimum $5.00 per Ad Budget
Minimum 5-Day Ad Duration


Google.Yahoo.Bing,Baidu,Yandex Monthly 5/10 Ads

  • Minimum $5.00 per Ad Budget
  • Minimum 5-Day Ad Duration

Our Campaign Setup Includes:

  • Complete campaign setup
  • Keywords research: Positive + Negative + Long Tail + KW Mapping
  • Attractive Ad Copies
  • Ads Extensions
  • Audience Research
  • Demographics Setup
  • Ad group structuring
  • Bidding
  • Call Ads if applicable
  • Campaign Strategy Planning
  • Location Targeting

If you already have a Google Ads account, I will check your account and suggest you the best strategy to move forward, else I will setup your campaign from scratch.


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